The Jamie James Yamaha Champions Riding School - Come Ride With Us!

Why choose a motorsports school?

Chances are, if you're about to start racing a motorbike, you already know something about the sport. Well, at least you should. However, that doesn't mean you know everything you need to know. Many would be surprised that there are motorsports schools that offer courses on all aspects of the motorsports industry. And whether you're looking to get into racing as a hobby or a career, proper training is invaluable. So what will you learn at one of these motorsports schools? 


Well if you know anything about the sport of racing, it's that accidents happen---a lot. So it makes a lot of sense, to have some good insurance. Companies like bollington motor trade insurance, have years of experience covering people in the industry ad they offer specific coverage options geared toward the unique needs of the racing profession. Many of the racing schools receive discounted rates for their students so make sure to check with the instructors to see what type of options you might be able to take advantage of.

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The Basics

I know what you're thinking, 'Great. I'm covered in case of an accident. What else can a motorsports school offer?' That's where we get into the specific coursework. Yes, coursework. We are talking about a school after all. And it's not just about driving real fast and jumping into the air. A good motorsports school will teach you about your bike's maintenance and what to specifically check for before a race. Also, you'll learn which types of bikes perform best for certain tracks. Your instructors will show you the proper driving techniques from the basics all the way to more advanced moves, as well as proper course etiquette. They'll show you have to read how your bike will react on certain terrain at certain speeds and how to maintain balance on turns and when landing jumps. And, you'll receive instruction on overall bike safety.

But when do I get to race?

Next, they'll take you out on the courses so you can put your new techniques to work. Some courses will have restrictions on speed which are gradually removed as you advance in the course. Not only will you get familiar with course racing, but you'll also be taught on street courses as well. You will find that most of the information you're learning can also be applicable in real world driving situations as well. But the time you finish the driving courses, you will be well on your way to becoming a motorbike racer.


So you've got insurance. You've learned driving techniques and you've taken a driving class. Is that all a motorsports racing school can offer? Actually, no. Another advantage of these schools is that they can teach you the industry. It's one thing to know how to race, but in order to make it a career, you'll need to know how the industry works and what careers are available. You may not turn out to be the next X-Games champion but that doesn't mean you can't work within an industry you love.


So all things considered, it would be wise to consider a motorsports school before you take your new bike for a spin. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced driver, it's always best to be as prepared as possible before racing.